Do I have a Warrant for My Arrest?

Do I have a Warrant for My Arrest? – If you have asked yourself this question, then you should defiantly go and check for yourself.

You are in luck because, unlike old times, you don’t have to walk up to a police officer and risk arrest to find out. In these day and ages, you can a search engine like Intelligator to answer the question; Do I have a Warrant for my arrest:

On Intelligator you can also find many other records than warrants. You can do a full background check on yourself, or anyone else for that matter:

So… what is an online background check?

In simple terms, and online background check is a simple and easy way to find out if someone you know (or yourself) has a criminal record and maybe even a warrant for arrest.

But… the thing is that not all crimes are the same; here’s some definition of different criminal records:


Oh yes… these are crimes that most people are somewhat familiar with. We’re talking about stuff like shoplifting, harassing people over the phone, traffic offenses and in most (but not all) states, driving while drunk. In most cases, all of these misdemeanors will result in little or no jail time and in some states this stuff won’t even make it to your criminal record.


Felonies is a very broad category. It goes all the way from murder to drug possession and selling. Again, this very online warrant search services like IntelliGator excels, because where you’d usually only see “Felony” hen doing a felony check, you can use a online background check service to see what the felony is.

Traffic Violations:

In some states, it wont go to your criminal record is you have been speeding or passed a red light. But in other states they will. If the traffic violation caused death or injury, it will go on your record.

Sex Offender listings:

The sex offender registry is still quite young. Most states established this registry in the late 90s.

Parole and Probation violations:

Even though these two might sound quite alike, they are not. When someone is released from prison, they get out on parole with conditions. If he or she breaks these conditions, the person gets back to prison.

Probation on the other hand, is a sentence in lieu of local jail time or prison. The person must also adhere to certain restrictions or be sent to prison.

Arrest Records:

When you use a service as intelligator to find out if there is a warrant for your arrest, you will get the offense type, offense description, disposition date, conviction date, fine amounts, possible photos, arrest jurisdiction and other information.

Conviction Record:

If you are trying to find out if someone has been convicted for a felony or another offense, you can try a conviction record. You will get all sorts of details with such a search, like; if that a person has been convicted of any felony, misdemeanor or other offense, has been judged delinquent, has been less than honorably discharged, or has been placed on probation, fined, imprisoned or paroled by any law enforcement or military authority.

Inmate Records:

These records are from the prisons. Reports usually give information on the persons probation and parole status and if the person is currently in prison and where. You can also see for how long he or she has been in prison and how long the sentence is.

Isn’t it just cool that you can find all of this stuff with IntelliGator?

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